What He's Done

written by Jonathan Waggett, Worship Pastor (January 9, 2023)

I often write blog posts featuring worship songs that I plan to introduce at Coats Baptist. This time, I'm writing about a new song a whole year later: What He's Done.

If you've been around much in the last year, you know that this song has been a popular anthem ascribing honor and glory to the Lord for His redemptive and salvific work through Jesus Christ. He's the chorus:

What He's doneWhat He's doneAll the glory and the honor to the SonMy sins are forgivenMy future is HeavenI praise God for what He's done

Our salvation should be at the top of our personal and corporate praise lists each and every day. However, unless we are actively engaged in practicing daily gratitude and thanksgiving, I fear that the greatest praise we could ever declare may not even make the list (perhaps a non-existent list).

I've said it before and I'll say it again: we are a forgetful people. In the extended recordings of this song, the worship leader sings, "I'll never forget what He's done" on repeat. Some of you may think such repetition is redundant and "gets old". I understand. BUT if we need to be reminded of God's goodness and grace towards us, then let's keep His message of salvation on repeat! Sometimes repetition helps us to remember. Sometimes it helps us to believe. Or we sing it until we mean it. And if we're singing about what God has done, may we never grow tired or bored of that message!

What else has God done? If saving us through Christ's death and resurrection was all God did for us, that would have been be more than enough. But I'm sure that everyone reading this can remember something else good that God has done for them. Just think about the past year. Make a list. Here's some of what's on mine:

Celebrating a year of marriage, good health, a new (and exciting) job for Sarah, travel opportunities, daily provision, time spent with family, seven years of ministry at CBC, lessons learned... 

The list could (and should) go on. Keep this list to remember - to look back and give thanks to God during difficult moments or seasons of life. Let your remembrance lead you to worship to Him alone who is worthy.