Prayer Documents

Click below to view prayer lists including the homebound, servant leaders, and active military from CBC.

Prayer Prompts

Pray Scripture: Psalm 33. Prayer prompts are below to assist you in your prayer time.¬†Further down this page, you’ll be able to complete a digital prayer card so that we can better pray for you and your family!

Praise God for being Creator, Sovereign, Judge, Savior, and King. Worship Him for who He is and what He has done.

Pray, asking God to help you trust Him more.

Praise God, thanking Him for His creative word and works (v4-9).

Praise God for His triumphant, eternal will (v10-12).

Praise God for His perfect knowledge, His perfect control, and His perfect love (v13-19).

Praise God for the hope we find in Him (v20-22).

Pray, asking that He guide us to always find our hope in Him as Giver and not in the gift provided (v20-22).

Praise God, rejoicing in a fresh awareness of His presence (v1-3).

Pray, asking God to fill you with His joy (v1-3).

Pray, asking God to reveal Himself more fully to you through His mighty acts and majestic creation.

Pray, asking that God have His way in your life (v13-19).

Pray, asking that God’s will be revealed in and through your life (v10-12).

Praise God, in humble expectation of His blessings.

Digital Prayer Card

We want to support you and your family through prayer. While we aren’t able to gather to collect prayer cards in person this month, your pastors and deacons want to continue praying for you. Fill out as much or as little of this form to help us do so.

As always, you can email anytime!