Prayer Documents

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April Prayer Prompts

Our corporate prayer theme for the month of April is¬†celebrating Easter during a pandemic. Below are scriptures and prompts to assist you in your prayer time. Further down this page, you’ll be able to complete a digital prayer card so that we can better pray for you and your family!

John 15-20; Matthew 24-28; Romans 15:13; Psalm 119:114; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; Psalm 33

Pray in thanksgiving for Jesus’ perfect life, sacrificial death on the cross, and His glorious resurrection.

Pray that our idols – the created things we desire too much – would be revealed.

Pray that families would be strengthened and for the protection of those in abusive situations.

Pray for the economic and social impacts of spatial distancing and closures.

Pray that God would be glorified and seen as sovereign, merciful, and full of grace in all things.

Pray for Churches that may struggle or may not even survive this crisis.

Pray that we are constantly reminded of Jesus’ emanate return!

Pray that the Easter celebration focus on its true meaning, void of secular gloss and pageantry.

Pray that we would find new and creative ways to minister to those in need.

Pray for those suffering from loneliness, depression, or discouragement.

Pray for those apart from Jesus Christ who don’t know where to find hope or peace.

Pray that we would be driven to our Bibles and to our knees in prayer.

Pray for those who are sick or dying or may become such.

Digital Prayer Card

We want to support you and your family through prayer. While we aren’t able to gather to collect prayer cards in person this month, your pastors and deacons want to continue praying for you. Fill out as much or as little of this form to help us do so.

As always, you can email anytime!