Prayer Documents

Click below to view prayer lists including the homebound, servant leaders, and active military from CBC.

September Prayer

In conjunction with our Bible reading plan, we’re praying this prayer from the Valley of Vision this month:

“Make my every sermon a means of grace to myself, and help me to experience the power of thy dying love, for thy blood is balm, thy presence bliss, thy smile heaven, the cross the place where truth and mercy meet. Look upon the doubts and discouragements of my ministry and keep me from self-importance; I beg pardon for my many sins, omissions, infirmities, as a man, as a minister; command thy blessing on my weak, unworthy labors, and on the message of salvation given; stay with thy people, and may thy presence be their portion and mine.”


 – from “A Minister’s Prayer” in The Valley of Vision

Digital Prayer Card

We want to support you and your family through prayer. While we aren’t able to gather to collect prayer cards in person this month, your pastors and deacons want to continue praying for you. Fill out as much or as little of this form to help us do so.

As always, you can email anytime!