This Joy Is Mine

Uncategorized // February 11, 2022 //

As your worship pastor, I love discovering new songs and introducing them to you! I hope you enjoy being introduced to new songs (as part of a healthy mix of new and old, or familiar). God’s Word instructs us to “sing to the Lord a new song”. Multiple times. Does this mean that God tires of hearing old songs? I highly doubt it.

As image bearers of God, our Creator, we have the joy and privilege to create! Read verse one of the new song, “A Thousand Hallelujahs”, by Brooke Ligertwood:

Who else would rocks cry out to worship
Whose glory taught the stars to shine
Perhaps creation longs to have the words to sing
But this joy is mine

That last line struck me when I first heard it. God is the Creator of all, but there are some gifts that He reserved for humankind. One of those gifts is singing, specifically singing to the Lord.

I may be a broken record when it comes to singing, but one of the greatest desires and burdens I have for the local church is that we would be a singing church. We have been created to sing. We have been commanded to sing in God’s Word. And we have been compelled to sing by what God has done for us.

This joy is ours.

Do you sing with joy? Do you long to sing? The following lyric from this song captures what our lives of worship should look like: “There isn’t time enough to sing of all You’ve done but I have eternity to try.” 

I encourage you to listen to this song. Or another song that speaks to your heart. And sing! Come to church on Sunday ready to worship with God’s people. Not to be filled. But to pour out your worship to the Lord. Imagine what our worship services would look like if everyone present came having spent time worshiping every day of the week and living in constant and consistent communion with God. It’s what He has called us to and it’s what He deserves.

With a thousand hallelujahs
We magnify Your Name
You alone deserve the glory
The honor and the praise
Lord Jesus this song is forever Yours
A thousand hallelujahs
A thousand more

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