The Humanity of Jesus

Uncategorized // April 11, 2021 //

Recently, our family stumbled across the globally popular tv show called The Chosen. If you haven’t heard, it is the first multi-seasonal show on the life of Jesus. I tend to be overly critical when it comes to visual representations of the Bible because they require writers to make assumptions about missing details in Scripture. However, the creators of this show were very intentional to fill those gaps without taking away or adding to the Gospel message.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an advertisement. I simply wanted to share what the show led me to consider. The show does an excellent job highlighting the humanity of Jesus and the disciples. It is fascinating to compare the humanity of Jesus and the disciples throughout the show.

I found myself wondering what Jesus was like. What human aspects did He have? I have been reading in the Old Testament for a while, so I turned to the New Testament to observe Jesus’ humanity this week. We know that Jesus had a human body that grew like ours (Luke 2:40). We know that He got hungry (Matthew 4:2), thirsty (John 19:28), and tired (John 4:6).  We also know that He experienced temptation (Luke 4:1-2). These are all characteristics He shared with the disciples and us, yet Jesus never sinned. It is such a simple truth, but it is foundational to our faith.

But then I look at the disciples. They were hungry, thirsty, tired, and tempted, just like Jesus. Yet, they complained (John 6:60-61), bickered (Luke 9:46), and sinned (John 18:15-18). I can certainly relate to the disciples. I strive to follow Jesus’ example, but sin just always gets in the way. I always miss the mark.

But Jesus.

Jesus is a glimpse into what humanity was supposed to look like! He is a glimpse into what humanity will look like again!

Jesus is the true example we are to follow in both character and conduct. He regularly prayed (Luke 10:21), worshiped at the synagogue (Luke 4:16), read and memorized Scripture (Matthew 4:4-10), and observed the Sabbath (Luke 4:16). He knew when to be silent (Matthew 27:12), and He knew when to speak.

The disciples might have complained, bickered, and sinned, but Jesus still used them to spread the Gospel! And He still uses sinful humans to accomplish kingdom work. Though Jesus is no longer physically here on Earth, we can still learn from His life. This week find ways to be more like Jesus.

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