A Season of Waiting

Uncategorized // July 19, 2020 //

I am so thankful that I live in a part of the world that experiences four seasons. We get a variety of weather each year, and for the most part, we know what is coming next. We can plan summer vacations in January because we know what to expect in July. Change is coming, but it is a foreseeable change. I love change, but only when it is predictable.

However, right now, I feel like we are stuck in never-ending season of waiting. A season I could have never predicted. Waiting for church to return to normal, waiting for schools to make a decision, waiting for it to be safe to travel without a mask again, waiting to see friends. There is no doubt that this season has lasted longer than I ever anticipated.

Recently, I have been reading through the Psalms. Through my time in the Psalms, God has both taught and convicted me about the way I wait. I have also begun to see seasons of waiting as a blessing. Here is what I have learned:

  1. Waiting renews my strength (Psalms 27:14): In this season of waiting particularly, God has blessed many of us with more free time. A time of rest and renewal. Extra time to study His Word. Use seasons of waiting to strengthen your faith.
  2. Waiting exposes my sin (Psalms 37:7): This season has exposed my impatient heart and areas that I lack faith. In our “microwave” society we very rarely have to wait for anything. God uses seasons of waiting to expose sin in our life.
  3. Waiting forces me to listen to God (Psalm 62:5): There are voices everywhere begging for our attention. In seasons of waiting, it is important to be silent and listen to our Lord.
  4. Waiting reveals my dependence on God (Psalms 104:27): Waiting reminds us that God is in control. God will provide what we need as He has in the past and as He will in the future.
  5. Waiting reminds me of the hope I have in Christ (Psalms 130: 5-6): Seasons of waiting often causes anxiety about what will come next. However, we have a peace knowing that ultimately our future is secure in Christ.
  6. Waiting gives me to time rejoice in my salvation (Psalms 130: 7-8): The Lord has showered us with his steadfast love. He has redeemed His people. Lift your voice and continue to rejoice in your salvation.

As all seasons do, this season will come to end. This season is not easy on anyone, in fact, for many waiting causes anxiety. However, as believers we wait in anticipation and contentment. Our waiting points others to the peace that can be found in Christ.  During this season remember Psalm 40:1, “I waited patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry.” Wait patiently. The Lord hears our cries.

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