Worship Over ____________

Uncategorized // July 7, 2019 //

There are many words you have may have used to fill in the blank. Perhaps your word is fear, worry, doubt, shame, or envy. When you live in fear, you aren’t resting in the security that God is in control. When you are anxious and worried, you aren’t trusting in the provision God has promised. When you doubt your worth or ability, you are forgetting that God loves you unconditionally and has created you. When you feel shame and guilt, you need reminding that Jesus shed his blood and rose in victory to free you from any sin or failure that binds you. When you are envious and playing the comparison game, you are saying that what God has given you is not enough – which is untrue. He has given you all things in Christ Jesus!

I’ll give you the word I used to fill in the blank: insecurity. Actually, most of the words I listed above fall under the category of insecurity. I recently read a book called Sabotage: How Insecurity Destroys Everything by Trinity Jordan. During this journey, I found myself realizing the weight of my insecurities being lifted by the weight of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You probably know this, but it’s worth the reminder: the Gospel is more than being justified and glorified. As if that isn’t enough! We have been justified once for all and we will be glorified in eternity, but don’t miss out on being sanctified in-between. Sanctification is a very messy process and often painful, but it’s oh so worth it to become more and more like Christ every day!

I want to simply encourage you that living a life of worship over anything temporal is what you were created for. Of course there will be days when you fail. We’re all human living in a fallen world. But our eyes, our hope, our security, our identity, and our trust should not be fixed on or be dependent upon anything of this world. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Put all your hope in Him to keep His promises to you. Find rest and security in a Father that loves you unconditionally. Claim that your identity it found in Christ and in Christ alone. Trust in knowing that it’s okay to not know everything but that the One who created you and holds you fast does.

Worship over ______________. It’s up to you!

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