Rejoicing in God’s Sovereignty

Uncategorized // September 6, 2019 //

In Children’s Church this semester, our Coat’s children will be learning about God’s sovereignty. Whether the trial faced is a storm, a sickness, or a seemingly impossible task, they will learn that God is powerful, and He is in control.

In the Old Testament, they will learn how God sovereignly provided a son for Abraham and Sarah, even in their old age, and how He was always in control like when He led the Israelites into the Promise Land. In the New Testament, they will read about Jesus’ life and see that He had power to calm storms, heal sick people, and do things no one else could do, like walk on water.

However, these stories can seem distant when we look around to find a broken world full of natural disasters, sickness, violence, and chaos. It is easy for us to allow the brokenness to drown out God’s goodness.

But, praise the Lord, the same powerful God that our kids will learn about this semester is still in control today.

Over the past few months, Daniel and I have marveled at God’s sovereignty in our lives. If you were at church a few weeks ago, you may have heard our exciting news: we are expecting our first child in March! However, just a few short months ago, we were laughed at for even thinking that God could give us a child.

You see over the past few years, I have been told over and over that my odds of every being able to have a baby were less than 10%. For many months, I struggled to reconcile two facts: God is sovereign and the world we live in is broken.

As I was reading through the book of Genesis at the beginning of the year, I was encouraged by God’s ability to bless Sarah and Abraham, Rebekah and Isaac, and Rachel and Jacob with a child. As I dove deeper into the Old Testament, God reminded that He is sovereign. He is in control, and He is powerful. I stepped back and left our plans to God’s sovereign will.

During this time, I wrote a simple prayer in my Bible, “Lord, if it be your will to grow our family this year, we will praise You. We know that any child from you will be a blessing.”

Fast forward to July 8th (exactly one month after Daniel and I got married). God led me back to Genesis and reminded me of my prayer. During that quiet time, I was overwhelmed with God’s power as I realized that He had answered my prayer. After running to the doctor (who thought I was crazy), one of our greatest joys was confirmed. Baby Taylor is healthy and growing, and is a living declaration of God’s sovereignty and goodness.

As we praise God for His faithfulness to answer prayers and rejoice in His sovereign plan, we pray that God will use our little one to bring glory to God.

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