Prayers for Worshipers Among the Nations

written by Jonathan Waggett, Worship Pastor (September 17, 2022)

In just over a week, I'll be flying to Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, to participate in something that is close to my heart - worship leadership training. For years, I have been blessed by opportunities to grow as a worship leader and pastor. And, of course, that's a life-long journey. Recently, doors have opened for me to be on the other side of the training. And it was completely unexpected. 

This past spring, I met with Kenny Lamm, NC Baptist Worship Ministries Strategist, just to "catch up" and talk about worship ministry. Little did I know that the Lord had placed me upon his heart to serve alongside him (as NC Baptists would say #onmissiontogether) to train worship leaders across the globe! I was blown away, honored, and humbled to be asked to go on this mission trip. I'm even more excited today as the trip draws near. 

I'm excited because this mission trip is unlike any other that I have been a part of. I've been on short-term mission trips to Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Turkey, and China. I've loved seeing God at work among the nations and experiencing life in other cultures. But this one is different. The primary purpose of this trip is to develop worship leaders. And worshipers. This is at the center of my heart and ministry. We know that "missions exists because worship doesn't" (John Piper). Needless to say, I'm ready to see missions and worship intentionally intersect during this two-week trip to Cambodia!

As Kenny and I prepare to go (we leave on Monday, September 26), I ask that you pray. To help you with that, I'm including a few prayer prompts below categorized into two sections: the trip & your worship pastor.

Pray for the Trip

1. Preparation & Travel Logistics

We leave in a week and there is still much to do. A lot has been done. Kenny has recently completed a revision and subsequent translation of his worship leader handbook into Khmer, official language in Cambodia. This is really exciting! We have our plane tickets and know where we're staying. The conference sessions have been planned as much as possible from here in the United States. But for those who have been overseas for mission trips before, you know that being FLEXIBLE is the motto. I pray that the Lord would help us to prepare well and then go-with-the-flow well as we serve. I pray for safe and smooth travel. I also pray for our own hearts as we prepare to teach and minister.

2. Teaching sessions & mentorship relationships 

As I mentioned before, I'm relatively new to this side of worship leader training. And this is a two week venture in a foreign country and I know ZERO of their language. Some speak English. There will also be translating. But regardless of those obstacles, I know that God is sovereign and has equipped us. And He's providing us with leaders who are eager to grow and learn. So I pray that these times of teaching and training be fruitful. I pray that God would speak clearly through us and the translators. I pray for relationships to be formed that continue for years to come as worship leaders seek to be catalysts for growing God's Kingdom of worshipers.

3. The spread of God’s glory and worship among the nations 

Speaking of God's Kingdom of worshipers... I've already mentioned that missions exists because worship doesn't. We all worship something. But not everyone worships God. And that is His desire for His people. It's why we were created. For His glory alone. So my ultimate prayer request is that God uses these two weeks and the people that we engage with to make God's name known, praised, and worshiped among the peoples of Cambodia, Asia, and the world.

My Personal Prayer Requests

1. Impact on CBC Worship Ministry 

Leadership development and multiplication is important. I have grown to understand and appreciate this more each and every year of ministry here at CBC. God doesn't desire for a man to be an island, in life or in ministry. I am so grateful for the people of Coats Baptist Church, specifically in the Worship Ministry. I have not only been called to lead well, but to equip others to lead well. I pray that this training opportunity is a help to me in the area of growing and training up leaders within our own church.

2. Leadership growth 

Similarly, I believe that this trip will grow, stretch, and challenge me as a ministry leader and worshiper of Christ. I pray that the experiences and lessons that I learn will not be forgotten. I pray that transformation will take place in my life and ministry. God has blessed me to be part of this opportunity. May it not be wasted.

3. My wife, Sarah

This final prayer request is of no lesser importance than the others. While many of you reading this may have been married for many years, put yourself in the shoes of a couple who have been married for just over a year. Two weeks away (and across the globe) from each other is a big deal. I'd imagine it's a big deal for those who have been married 50+ years! We're already anticipating missing one another and working to fill Sarah's calendar to combat loneliness. We know that we're never alone. God will be with each of us and she has our sweet pup, Blue. But I ask that you pray for Sarah while I'm away. Pray that God give her fullness of joy in the Lord. Pray for her to be encouraged by friends and family. (I welcome you to be one of those who provide her with encouragement!) And pray that our time away from each other will end with a sweet reunion.


Thank you in advance for praying. I am so grateful for this church family that supports their pastors, missions, and desires to see all nations worshiping the Lord. You encourage me weekly as you worship. I'll miss that on October 2 and 9. I am excited for you to worship under the leadership of Tommy Austin, Ashley Stroud, my wife, Sarah, and the Worship Ministry Team while I am away.

To learn more about the training events I'll be a part of while in Cambodia, watch THIS VIDEO.