Kids in Discipleship

Uncategorized // February 14, 2020 //

If your small group meets on Wednesday nights, you may have heard our kids starting their new curriculum. No worries, the screams you heard down the hall were out of excitement. They began a new curriculum called Team KID, which stands for Kids in Discipleship.

The theme of this study is “All In.” This semester we want our kids to focus on loving God with their heart, mind, and soul (Luke 10:27). We want them to live a committed life to Him in their words and actions. So, how do we plan on helping them to do that? By helping them grow closer to Jesus through spiritual disciplines. We not only want to encourage our kids to read their Bibles and pray, but we want to teach them how to do those things so they can develop healthy habits for a Christian life. Over the next two semesters, our kids will focus on spiritual disciplines such as worship, praying, reading the Bible, telling others about Jesus, and serving.

A Typical Session:

  1. Study the Bible: For the first half of the night, kids practice using their Bible and learn Bible stories. This is where they begin learning about and practicing spiritual disciplines. The first one they are focusing on is worship.
  2. Develop a Heart for Missions: Next, they are introduced to various locations around the world that need the Gospel. Each lesson will help our kids build an awareness for missions. They will learn about missionaries in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and North America.
  3. Fellowship: We know your kids have been in school most of the day. We also know many of them are mentally and physically tired as the night progresses. So, we end the night with fun and fellowship, aka “Tournament Time”!

What You Can Do to Help:

  1. Pray for the kids: Ultimately, the Holy Spirit is the one who sows seeds in these kids lives. So, spend time praying that the kids who have not accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior would, and pray for the growth and maturity of those kids who have done so.
  2. Be a disciple-maker: As you practice spiritual disciplines, pour into those around you. Be a disciple-maker for the kids you interact with.
  3. Pray for our leaders: Pray for our leaders to exhibit patience and guidance. Pray that the Lord will give them words to change hearts and lead our kids well.

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