God’s Faithfulness In Our Lives

Uncategorized // July 25, 2019 //

First, I want to thank you for all the warm welcomes! Daniel and I are so excited to join the CBC family!

You may be wondering how Daniel and I got here. Well, we are here because of God’s faithfulness in our lives. I want to take a moment to share with you how God lead us to Coats.

Deciding to get married young is not always a popular decision, but after many years of prayer, we knew that God was leading us to get married and serve alongside each other. We both have a heart for ministry, and we both have different talents that complement one another in ministry. So, we followed God’s guidance and made many sacrifices to pursue marriage.

And oh, how sweet our first month of marriage has been as we have seen God’s faithfulness on full display in our lives.

But it was not easy to follow God’s guidance. Following God required a lot of change and a lot of unknowns. Where would we live? Where would I work? How hard would it be to leave my home for the first time? These were all unanswered questions as our wedding quickly approached.

As we began to plan our move to the area, it became evident that God was no longer calling me to remain in my career. I loved my career as a teacher, but I knew that God was leading our family to ministry.

So, we sought the advice of our mentors, continued to seek God through prayer and His Word, and then the wait began.

We knew God would provide in His timing, but we were anxious to know His plans. We got married not knowing where we would live or where I would work. During this difficult season of waiting, we were challenged by Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:25-34. Therefore, we decided to no longer try and plan every detail of our future, but instead to fully give our future to Him. We stopped looking for housing and for a job, and simply enjoyed the month leading up to our wedding.

We got married and returned from our honeymoon to find out that God had not only provided a ministry job for our family but had also provided housing that was only a few minutes away from Campbell and Coats. God’s plan was so much better than our own, and His timing was perfect.

It is with a joyful and thankful heart that we join your church family. Daniel and I are looking forward to getting to know you and living in community with you.

As you continue to seek God’s will, I would encourage you to find some time to spend alone with Him. Be still and wait on the Lord, and be willing to confidently move forward in obedience, even when His plan is not your plan.

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