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Uncategorized // April 25, 2020 //

I recently took requests on Instagram for what song I should record next during quarantine as I began slowly following the trend of worship leaders posting videos of themselves singing worship songs. In the past month, this is only my third video. I’d love to produce videos with more frequency, but I find myself spending HOURS trying to decide what song to sing, practicing, then recording (and deleting) take after take. Why?

I’m an imperfect perfectionist.

Even if you don’t consider yourself musical, I promise you’ll hear a few mistakes in this recording. (If you go to Coats Baptist, it’s no different from Sunday to Sunday!) Yet, I post this because the lyrics to the songs I’m singing are a prayer that we need to be praying daily.

We need more of Jesus every moment of every day. My prayer is that my desire for more of Him grows each and every day so that when I sing the words “I’d rather have You” or “give me Jesus”, this is an accurate verbal expression of what’s in my heart.

Unfortunately, my desires during the recording of this song were more about myself than Jesus. I wanted to sound good (well, decent) more than I worshiped. I sought perfection more than the Perfecter. I tried to please man more than God.

The lyrics I sang during “I’d Rather Have You” have since burned in my heart and been my prayer to the Lord:

Forgive my desires, forgive every motive
Forgive my intentions cause I’d rather have You
If it’s not Your will God I don’t even want it
And now I surrender cause I’d rather have You
I’d rather have You

My encouragement and challenge to you today is to spend intentional time in humble worship before the Author and Perfecter of your faith. Sing your favorite worship songs and make it a priority to truly mean and live out the lyrics you’re declaring each and every day.

Life is a journey. Of course, that’s a metaphor (especially while we’re staying home). Our life walking with Christ is no different. The goal is to grow along the way while drawing closer to Him. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, but Jesus is with you each and every step of the way. Realize and embrace that! When you need more of His presence, call out, “GIVE ME JESUS!”

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