Come, Christians, Join to Sing

written by Jonathan Waggett, Worship Pastor (May 2, 2023)

I look forward to every opportunity to gather as God's people to worship Him through song; but there are some Sundays that are really exciting - this Sunday is one of those. Why? Multi-generational worship! Specifically, multi-generational worship leadership. And to be even more specific, our children's choir will be leading worship with our adult worship choir. There's something really special about the unity expressed in all ages coming together to lead worship to our Lord!

Many of you who grew up in church may be familiar with the hymn “Come, Christians, Join to Sing." For those of you who enjoy history and authorship, this hymn was written by Christian Henry Bateman in 1843. Bateman was an English minister and hymn writer who lived from 1813-1889. While his hymn writing career was certainly second to his pastoral leadership and dedication, he left an impact on Christian hymnody with this still familiar hymn. 

On Sunday, our choirs will come together in singing a modern setting of “Come, Christians, Join to Sing,” combined with the “Doxology” and a new chorus by Phil Barfoot and Cliff Duren. Feel free to take a listen and familiarize yourself with this arrangement by clicking here.

Our children are really enjoying learning this song. It's encouraging to witness them learning and proclaiming theological truths in songs of the faith presented in exciting and fresh ways. It's important to me for our times of corporate worship  rehearsals with adults and children included) to be filled with doctrinally sound lyrics - regardless of when they were written or even their authorship. God is glorified when His children - of all ages - grow in Him, worshiping in Spirit and in Truth. 

As our CBC children have been learning from a hymn written in 1843 that is new to them, I encourage you who have "graduated" from children's ministry to not graduate from learning new songs and hymns - perhaps even written in 2023. Do this to grow in your worship of God! He is at work today in and through song and hymn writers who are dedicated to helping Christians join to sing. I pray that some of our very own children will carry on the torch of helping God's people to sing and grow in the Lord in the years to come. 

Also, I'm already looking forward to Sunday, May 21 for multiple reasons. The children's choir will be singing an upcoming VBS song during our morning AND evening worship services. This will be in conjunction with two special services: Parent-Child Dedication on Sunday morning at 9am and "Let Praises Ring", a Night of Worship led by the Joyful Ringers, on Sunday evening at 6pm. I look forward to worshiping with you in the coming days.

Come, Christians, join to sing!