Come Adore the Humble King

written by Jonathan Waggett, Worship Pastor (November 30, 2022)

This may be cheating. I wrote a blog post a year ago entitled, Come Adore. It was about the modern carol, "Come Adore the Humble King" by Matt Papa and Matt Boswell. I was introducing the carol in advance of Christmas at Coats 2021. Well, here we are a year later and I'm writing a blog post (several days late) about the same song. However, I'm promoting the song for a different reason and I'm attaching a video of me singing it this time. And in all fairness, I forgot I had written a blog about this song, so it's likely you forgot as well. 

The sermon series this December, Sing We Now of Christmas, is designed to help us to sing! Not only will we be singing some of your favorite carols, but we will be diving into their theology to help us rightly understand WHY we sing what we sing. And as a proponent for the use of modern hymns and worship songs (in addition to classic hymns of the faith) during our corporate worship services, I'm excited to kick off this series with this modern carol. God has always been, and is still, at work in the lives of His people, His church, and His song-writers. I believe this to also be true of these newer Christmas songs. 

This song, specifically, is full of rich lyrics that point us to adore King Jesus. This is my prayer for myself and others during this Christmas season. It is so easy to get caught up in events, busy schedules, and other good things during the month of December. But may our focus ALWAYS be Christ. As we contemplate Advent, I am reminded that He alone provides hope, love, peace, and joy. Emmanuel. God with us. 

And because our kids (K-2nd grade) currently worship together during Kid Sermon, I have recorded this carol for them to sing this Sunday as well. Take time between now and Sunday to learn Come Adore the Humble King if it's new to you so that as we sing together on Sunday you're able to worship and rightly adore the King.